We connect selective and strategic investment opportunities, through well developed structures, to global accredited investors, and vice versa, for entities and persons seeking international diversification and expansion

We can provide you with credible and diligent advice for all business and personal needs upon relocation to the UK. We can organise appropriate and constructive contact with Scottish businesses who are looking for international entrepreneurs and investors to join them in their business. We will facilitate these discussions and opportunities ensuring that all ventures considered are compliant with the requirements of the UK Immigration rules if and when required. We are not an investment company and do not seek to give financial advice. Given our extensive background, we understand very well the rigours associated with such life changing decisions. We can assist in family relocation requirements, property purchase or rental from town flats to castles and stately homes and all aspects of wealth management. 

Furthermore with our international corporate structure advisers, we are uniquely positioned to assist in the establishment of, and participate as a strategic partner, sponsor and or adviser, for one or more private equity and venture capital funds or cross border international special purpose investment vehicles, including for regulated managed funds authorized to operate throughout the EU.  

For those seeking EU residence and/or citizenship, Cyprus can provide both options through either property or corporate investment.  

We work with several Scottish and Cypriot business partners to provide you with various investment opportunities to consider, whether or not for the purposes of a UK Investor visa or EU residency or passport.